ITC Reports

The ITC initially produced a series of six reports. These reports are listed below. They now are older reports which are available for archival purposes and can be viewed and downloaded from the IRSE Knowledgebase.

ITC Report 01 System Safety Validation and Cross Acceptance

ITC Report 02 Operational Availability of Rly Control Systems – Dec. 1993

ITC Report 03 Influence of Human Factors on performance of signalling systems

ITC Report 04 Implications of applying Transmission Based Signalling

ITC Report 05-01 Contribution of signalling to the future of rail traffic management and the economics of rail …

ITC Report 05-02 ERTMS_L3_Train_Integrity

ITC Report 06-01 Proposed Cross Acceptance processes for railway signalling systems and equipment

ITC Report 06-02 Semi-automatic, driverless and unattended operation of trains

ITC Report 07 Quality of Service in Railway Traffic Management systems

ITC Report 08 Optimising_cost_and_safety_by_appropriate_use_of_Standards

ITC Report 09 Reduction_in_cost_of_signalling

ITC Report 09 What_can_signalling_do_to_enhance_operations

ITC Report 09-02 ATO_for_Suburban_and_Main_Lines

ITC Report 10 ERTMS_views_and_experiences

ITC Report 11 International_barriers_to_level_crossings

ITC Report 12 Towards the one page safety case

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